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Grav – Grav Hand Pipes provides unique designs and is popularly known for its quality scientific glass pipes. By using the finest borosilicate and a funnel body, Grav aerates the smoke, cooling and making it easier to inhale. Few of their types are :-

  • STAX
  • Upline
  • Helix

Pulsar Hand Pipes

Pulsar Hand Pipes – The easiest way to smoke dry herbs is by using a glass pipe as you just need to pack the bowl, light up and enjoy. With the modern take on classic designs with spoons, chillums and much more, Pulsar overtures a wide range of glasses. Here are its types:- 

  • Pulsar Glycerin Glitter Chillum Pipe
  • Pulsar Infinity One Hitter Pipe
  • Pulsar Glass Twisted Standup Hand Pipe
Cheech and Chong Hand Pipes

Cheech and Chong Hand Pipes

Cheech and Chong hand pipes, the lucid and very captivating hand pipes will provide you with a remarkable experience. A few of its type includes:-

  • Cheech & Chong Alice Bowie Hand Pipe
  • Cheech & Chong Boo Boo Hand Pipe
  • Cheech & Chong Chongdolf Hand Pipe

They are superior to other hand pipes, designed with an artistic thought process.